The TADMAN transpalatal arch is the primary choice whenever you need maximum anchorage for the molars.

En-masse front retraction, for instance, will be more predictable than ever before.

Unique features

Maximum anchorage and patient comfort

The TADMAN TPA is made of a certified high strength dental alloy. Together with the BENEfit mini-implant this guarantees perfect sagittal and transverse stability.

The elliptic cross-section provides superior comfort for your patient.



Perfect fit without extra appointments. It comes with 0.018″ oder 0.022″ molar tubes.


When needed the TADMAN TPA can be equipped with additional elements such as rectangular tubes or hooks. This can be extremely useful when you want to align implacted canines.

Bonded TPA

If you don´t like to work with bands, the TADMAN Bonded TPA is your alternative.

The bonded TPA works perfect with buccal shells or in combination with Aligner treatment

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