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In some cases you might plan mesialization on one side and distalization on the other side. For this purpose, we offer the TADMAN Mesialdistalslider, a combination of the Beneslider und the Mesialslider.

You can order the TADMAN Mesialdistalslider in various configurations, depending on your requirements. If anterior spaces are to be closed, additional bonded tubes on the premolars are recommended.

Order your favourite Mesialdistalslider

TADMAN Mesialdistalslider

Molar Shells

This classic version is used to mesialize the molars on one side and to distalize the molars on the other side. Optionally, the shells are equipped with 0.018″ or 0.022″ buccal tubes.

480.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Mesialdistalslider

Bonded Molar Tubes

For those who prefer a bonded appliance. Recommended for mesialization and distalization of the lateral segment.

450.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Mesialdistalslider

Molar Shells and Bonded Premolar Tube

When you want to close spaces in the anterior segment on one side, e.g. missing lateral incisors, and to distalize the other side, this is your choice. The 0.018″ or 0.022″ buccal tubes are optional.

510.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Mesialdistalslider

Bonded Molar and Premolar Tubes

You prefer a fully bonded appliance and want to close anterior spaces, e.g. missing lateral incisors? This all-bonded version is your choice.

480.00 € plus VAT

Unique features

Rotate the arch

In fact, the TADMAN Mesialdistalsider makes it possile to rotate the whole upper arch either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Torque Control

The beveled rectangular cross section of the guiding rail provides torque control for the molars and premolars.

The programmed torque play allows the teeth to find their way through the alveolar ridge.


Shells or bonded tubes

You can order shells or bonded tubes to attach the TADMAN Mesialslider with the teeth.

Especially when you want to combine the Mesialslider with clear aligners, bonded tubes are recommended.

True bodily tooth movement

Bodily mesialization made easy. Force application just through the center of resistance with rectangular engagement.

The optional bonded tubes on the premolars are recommended, when you want to close spaces in the anterior segment, i.e. in cases with congenitally missing incisors, 

For any individual solution please contact us

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