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Everybody loves appliances that fit precisely. The new TADMAN BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implants allow you to fit the appliance first and then insert the mini-implants.

Many looked for it, we have it: a simplified way to utilize TAD-borne orthodontics. The special design of the BENEfit DIRECT implants ensures a tight fit, even if they get off the ideal insertion axis.

BENEfit DIRECT - a game changer

Appliance first - implants second

A new clinical workflow. The BENEfit DIRECT mini-implants provide more clinical tolerance regarding the ideal insertion path. This makes it possible to insert the mini-implants after placement of the appliance.

Appliance first

In this example a Hybrid Hyrax DIRECT appliance is already fitted.

Implants second

The Benefit direct implants are placed using the BENEfit DIRECT Screwholder.

How it works

The BENEfit DIRECT implant comprises three sections:

  • the polyaxial locking thread that provides a tight and stable connection with the appliance,
  • a polished transmucosal part for optimal soft tissue healing,
  • the proven intraosseous thread of the Benefit implants.

In order to insert the BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implants you need the BENEfit DIRECT Screwholder for the contra angle handpiece.

Angle stable connection

Even if the implant gets off the ideal insertion path by as much as ±15 degrees, the connection between implant and appliance is tight.

BENEfit DIRECT appliances


Hybrid Hyrax DIRECT



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