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Molar Intrusion Device

Treating patients with an open bite belongs to the most demanding tasks in orthodontics. Molar intrusion using TADs gives the orthodontist a new treatment option.

The design of the TADMAN Molar intrusion device is based on extensive clinical experience. 

Order your favourite Molar Intrusion Device

TADMAN Molar Intrusion Device

Dual implants

The TADMAN Molar Intrusion Device with dual implants generally provides enough anchorage in most cases.

425.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Molar Intrusion Device

Triple implants

In cases where maximum anchorage is necessary triple implants are the preferred option.

450.00 € plus VAT

Unique features

Stable Horse Shoe Arch

To prevent palatal tipping of the molars the molar intrusion device is equipped with a stable horse shoe arch. Its elliptic cross section provides optimal patient comfort.

Shells with wings

The molar shells have wing extensions. This feature ensures intrusion of all posterior teeth. The shells can be equipped with 0.018″ or 0.022″ molar tubes or aligner attachments.

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