Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT

Rapid maxillary expansion, maxillary protraction and molar distalization: all in one appliance! The TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT is of great help when you have solve orthopedic and orthodontic treatment tasks. Usually, expansion and protraction are performed as the first step, molar distalisation follows as the second step.

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TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT

Expansion & Distalization


The Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT with two connectors for use with BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implants. Optionally, the shells can be equipped with 0.018″ or 0.022″ molar tubes to be used with fixed appliances.

480.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT

Expansion & Protraction & Distalization

For expansion, protraction, and distalization the TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT is equipped with additional hooks. Molar tubes (0.018″ or 0.022″) are optional.

510.00 € plus VAT


BENEfit DIRECT - a game changer

Appliance first - implants second

A new clinical workflow. The TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax DIRECT is fitted first. As the second step the BENEfit DIRECT mini-implants are inserted.

Appliance first

The Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer DIRECT appliance is fitted first.

Implants second

The BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implants are placed using the BENEfit DIRECT Screwholder.

Clinical Application

This animation shows how the TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax Distalizer ist used clinically:

  • Fit the appliance by bonding the shells
  • Insert the BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implants
  • Perform rapid maxillary expansion by activation of the expansion screw (2x in the morning, 2x in the evening)
  • At the same time, protract the maxilla using a face mask and the Class III hooks
  • Distalize the molars by activation of the distaisation screws (1x per week)

How it works

The BENEfit DIRECT Mini-Implant comprises three sections:

  • the polyaxial locking thread that provides a tight and stable connection with the appliance,
  • a polished transmucosal part for optimal soft tissue healing,
  • the proven intraosseous thread of the Benefit implants.

BENEfit DIRECT Screwholder

In order to insert the BENEfit DIRECT mini-implants you need the BENEfit DIRECT screwholder for the contra angle handpiece.

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