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Hybrid Hyrax

The proven appliance for TAD based rapid maxillary expansion. The TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax can be inserted as soon as the first molars have erupted. It is the first choice when it comes to effective skeletal expansion of the maxilla.

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You can order optional hooks for face mask traction. Simulaneous rapid maxillary expansion and protraction have proven to be the first choice for early Cl. III correction.

Order your favourite Hybrid Hyrax

TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax

Rapid Maxillary Expansion

The TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax uses molar shells that can be optionally equipped with 0.018″ or 0.022″ buccal tubes.

395.00 € plus VAT

TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax

Rapid Maxillary Expansion and Protraction

For expansion and protraction the TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax is equipped with additional hooks. Molar tubes (0.018″ or 0.022″) are optional.

425.00 € plus VAT

Unique features

Expansion screw

Optimal housing for the expansion screw. You activate the TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax just the same way as conventional rapid maxillary expansion appliances.

Less buccal molar tipping

The TADMAN Hybrid Hyrax provides excellent stability and less buccal molar tipping thanks to the high strength dental alloy it is made of.


Perfect fit without extra appointments. They can be ordered with 0.018″ oder 0.022″ molar tubes.

Ideal for Class III treatment

Additional hooks for maxillary protraction with a face mask. No more unwanted mesialization of the lateral segments. No more unwanted protrusion of the front teeth. Clinical studies show superior skeletal efficacy.

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