TADMAN Beneslider

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The TADMAN Beneslider incorporates 15 years of clinical experience of users throughout the world. It is individually produced by 3D laser printing from a certified high performance alloy according to your preferences. True bodily molar distalization by design.

Torque Control

The beveled rectangular cross section of the guiding rail provides torque control for the molars. The programmed torque play allows the molars to find their way through the alveolar ridge.

Versalock – the universal connector

Bodily distalization made easy. Force application just through the center of resistance with rectangular engagement. By moving the mobilizer against the superelastic NiTi-spring a nearly constant distalzing force is generated. Tooth movement by design.

Hygiene is paramount

Full access makes it easy for your patient to keep good hygiene. Research has shown that hygiene is essential for success. We provide further aids to help your patients.

Details that count

Lowered anterior rail for best patient comfort. This design also contributes to the very high stability of the appliance.

High rigidity – less side effects​

The TADMAN Beneslider is made from a certified dental alloy with a very high stiffness. Precisely fitted to your patient’s anatomy it guides the teeth to the programmed position. No tipping, no flaring, no rolling.


The TADMAN Beneslider is a modular orthodontic appliance. You can demount the appliance while leaving the BENEfit implants in place. This way, you may utitlize the mini implants for just another treatment task (multi-purpose use).

Intraoral view

Nearly invisible molar distalization. Inserted in just one appointment using the TADMAN guide. Your patients will appreciate it. In almost all cases brackets are not needed until you gained enough space by distalization. Instead of using brackets you may also combine the Beneslider with clear aligners.

Additional information

Molar tube

0.018", 0.022", none

Attachment for aligners


NiTi coil spring

240 gr, 500 gr

Implant insertion guide

no, yes

2 Benefit mini implants (∅ 2,0 mm)

7 mm, 9 mm, none