The TADMAN digital one appointment workflow

Get everything you need in your TADMAN BOX


Appliance Configuration

Register or log-in into your TADMAN account. Configure the appliance in our configurator. Upload patient records: .stl files, lateral ceph, CBCT, or a drawing of appliance modifications.

Digital Implant Placement

Based on your records we plan the ideal position for your BENEfit mini implants. It´s up to you whether you prefer implant placement by digital models, ceph, or CBCT.

Implant placemtent is checked by experienced certified orthodontists, who have a rich expertise in this field.

We accept .stl files from any scanner

Appliance Design Check

Before we start production of the insertion guide and the appliance you will receive a preview of the implant position and the appliance design.  If you you want changes, we will be happy to design the appliance according to your preferences.

Everything you need in the TADMAN box

Receive your TADMAN box with everything you need, including insertion guide, appliance, printed model and the BENEfit miniimplants.

Appliance Insertion

Insert the mini-implants and the appliance in one appointment. Your patient and you will appreciate less office time.

Additional Products

In our Shop you can purchase additional products you might need for predrilling or implant insertion 


For any individual solution please contact us


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